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“We were blessed and refreshed as we were able to get away and rest and be fed…physically as well as spiritually.” NE

“We enjoyed a most blessed time!” NE

“Drawbridge has given us a time together to be at peace without distractions. The warmth of your hearts have refreshed us mightily.” NE

“We are very thankful for a retreat to relax & recuperate. Awesome time!”  IA

“There is a special anointing on this [ministry]. May HE richly bless and provide so that this important ministry may continue to bless HIS church, HIS mission and HIS kingdom work.” NE

“Thank you for answering God’s call and vision for this ministry, It is much needed!” NE

“We have been overwhelmed by your kindness and the very tangible sense of Gods presence…” NE

“Jesus invites us to: ‘Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.’ (Mark 6:31) We give thanks to God that He led us to this ‘quiet place.’” NE

“What a peaceful and blessed time we enjoyed at the Drawbridge…we have been the recipients of the Father’s love through it.” NE

“We had such a relaxing time! It was the perfect timing to rest & recharge. We thank God for your servant hearts and for your generosity. This is a fabulous and much needed ministry!” MO

[The Drawbridge] “is an amazing place to relax and enjoy nature. Thank you for sharing your vision of ministering to those in ministry.” NE

“Our time here has been filled with nothing but peace and relaxation. We are so grateful for this ministry God has birthed. Absolutely needed!”  NE

“We are blessed and refreshed by our time spent and we are leaving with peaceful hearts and rested minds” NE

“Though our stay was short, we are beyond grateful for this opportunity and pray showers of blessings upon you both and your ministries. Thanks for opening up… to love on people and invest in marriages.” NE

“The peace, relaxation, comfort and the care provided is outstanding. It provides an opportunity for HIS shepherds to pray, meditate, reflect and listen for the Lord’s still small voice.” NE

“This has been a great gift at a time in our lives we need care!” CO

“What an amazing opportunity to get away for the weekend for a time to relax and refocus and be poured into…” NE

“We have been so blessed and refreshed and encouraged. This ministry is so important and so appreciated. Thank You!” NE

“This time away was more needed than we even realized and such an incredible blessing.” NE

“Not only did we have a moment to take a breath, we also had a few days (to) reconnect as a couple.” SD

​“You are needed so very much and we are most grateful for the love and care you’ve shown to us.” SD

“Thank you so much again for providing a place of solace during a season of stress. We found so much peace & refreshment as we stepped away & rested.” NE

“We were blown away at the accommodations, the meals and how welcoming this place is. We felt the presence of God the moment we walked in!” NE

“This time helped (pastor) to disconnect from the ever present church needs that are always there, so that he could take care of himself. In turn, he can now go back home and care for his flock better than before.” SD

“We are immensely thankful for your obedience to the Lord as He has called you to serve those who serve.” NE

“We are sad to leave today, but go back feeling refreshed, encouraged, and renewed! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do.” NE

“What a blessing this was. Truly a place to catch your breath, gather your thoughts and meet with God.” NE

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